Adam Smalley wins SCCA Oregon Region Rookie of the Year!

This year is definitely one for the books. When I moved into car racing, I thought that with my background of karting, I would be able to show up to races and walk away with a win every weekend. Oh man, was I wrong!...


20-year-old Adam Smalley is one of the most promising talents in sports car racing.

Adam Smalley, an immensely talented and successful 20-year-old race driver born and raised in Washington state and is on a path to take him to the very top of the international motorsport career. After 6 years of competitive kart racing at the top-level traveling throughout the united states. Adam was offered a seat in a Spec Miata, with Team KBR based out Vancouver, Washington...


"3rd place today is huge for us with the car we have. It's not perfect but it will be soon..."

6:46 PM FRIDAY 13

"Sunny days and wild waves!

2:21 PM SUNDAY 15

"The face you make when it starts raining and your the only one going on track..."

12:12 PM TUESDAY 17

"Huge thanks to everyone that has supported me this year..."

8:01 PM FRIDAY 19