TUE 07.14.20

Weekend Update:

2020 Portland Majors, July 10th – 12th

Friday Test Day

Friday is the day to shake off the cobwebs that grow between race weekends. It is also a time to test new things and make adjustments to the car, to make sure it is ready to perform during the weekend. The schedule for the test is very simple we are given five sessions to do what we wish.

The first session is typically a warm-up/shake-down. Meaning we go out easy to make sure nothing on the car is loose and make sure my mind is in the right mental state. For the second session we went out with the previous race weekend setup and did some hot laps (maximum effort laps to push the car to the limit). We skipped session three to give ourselves a break to get some rest and food. Session four consisted of a tire pressure test. We dropped the pressures down about three pounds from what we usually do. The reason for this was to see how the tires would perform. They gave back better feedback than we anticipated by having a better opening stint and stayed more consistent on the long run. Giving us a better feel for later during the race. Session five is where we laid down some more hot laps to make sure we were up to pace come race time.

Saturday Race One

The race is always a nice feeling it’s the time to show what we have and leave it all on the table. Which is exactly what we did. The first session of the day is qualifying and we got after it right as we were given the green light. In the 20-minute session we laid down eight laps that put is ninth for the race and only a second off the leaders. Between qualifying and the race, we didn’t make any changes to the car because it felt really good and we felt we had the pace to move through the field.

Once the green flag waves the pedal hits the floor and we are barreling down the straight into turn one. We got a strong start gaining a couple positions and moving forward. We had a very strong car and had pace to make moves to the top of the field. As we continued to make passes, we got a little too aggressive and started battling to hard with the driver ahead losing time to the leaders so I made a pass in a slow corner and at apex went in a little too fast and the car started to slide and the driver beside me made his go at the corner causing us to collide and go off track ending my race and ruining his. We ended up with some body work damage. But thanks to everyone at Team KBR we were able to fix it and get it ready for Sundays race.

Sunday Race Two

Sunday is the big day of the weekend, it’s the final day to show what you brought and leave it all out there. And leave it all out there we did. Qualifying was a little difficult as it started to sprinkle some rain on the track and not give the most amount of grip that we had wanted. We didn’t run as fast as the day before but pushed on and prepped the car for the race. We started in 11th and got a strong start and settled in and started to move up the field. During the race the car didn’t feel like it had maximum power. It was lagging some top end speed while not pulling out of the corner.

All the gauges had proper readings so we pushed on. The race wasn’t very exciting once we moved into 10th the race the settled out and with low power we were lapping as fast as the cars ahead but couldn’t catch up to them. When we finished the race in a strong 10th, we brought the car back to the pits. We looked at the data and saw we were down four MPH to our teammate. We ran some tests on the car and found that the Cam Angle Sensor was broken and malfunctioning. It was giving bad timing to the motor and limiting our power output.

Moving Forward

We have the necessary parts ordered and ready to be installed on to the car. The next thing we will be doing is taking the car to the dyno to make sure it is race ready. After that we will be pushing forward to win the next race!