TUES 09.16.19

Adam Smalley plans to freshen up during his off season

The main goal for the car in the off-season is to get a good set up on it, freshen the motor and get it to where I can take it out and be competitive in the front of the group and try and win some races. That will include many hours in the shop to put in the time and effort. Along with set up and motor to the car we also plan on making appearance and safety/internal changes. In the area of safety and internals we will add a center net, a better window net and new belts to lock me in better. Also, a better fire suppression system will go in, to be able to save the car and driver if anything were to go wrong. Internally on the car we will make more appealing to the eye, with white paint to clean up the inside and other changes to help cool the inside of the car on hot days. Externally on the car we will be putting on a new livery to show off our partners better. As well as give a unique to look to the car to be noticed by more people that walk through the pits and those watching from the stands. The livery is still being designed and perfected so more announcements coming later. During our time off I plan to post on a weekly basis with updates of things happening to the car and plans for next year. As soon as dates and events get confirmed and then moved on to the schedule you will ear all about them right here.