TUES 10.19.19

Adam Smalley wins SCCA Oregon Region Rookie of the Year

This year is one for the books. When I moved into car racing, I thought that with my background of karting, I would be able to show up to races and walk away with a win every weekend. Oh man! Was I wrong I had all the confidence in the world showing up to my first test day and race weekend? The test day went well, and the race, I thought, was going to be an easy win. Let’s say my ego was crushed, and I was one lap away from being lapped. But we didn’t let that get us down because we knew from that weekend forward this year was going to be an uphill climb. And we were ready to charge up it and put into the year what we could. Between races, we worked on the car to make it more comfortable for me such as seat position. We made changes to the handling of the car with alignment and ride height. We also got what we could out of the motor with a new head and clutch. Overall the car wasn’t perfect, and no way was it ready to finish in the top five or even close to the podium steps. But that didn’t matter. I kept my head down learned how the car worked and ran consistent laps so we could make positive changes to car between sessions. In the end, it all paid off, I was able to achieve two podium finishes. Which included being in the top-five, which is something no rookie has done in the history of ICSCC racing. Most importantly though, we walked away at the end of the season with a massive accomplishment of earning the SCCA rookie of the year award. The award is given to the top rookie of the season. This goes to show that hard work does pay off!