Adam Smalley, an immensely talented and successful 20-year-old race driver born and raised in Washington state and is on a path to take him to the very top of the international motorsport career. After 6 years of competitive kart racing at the top-level traveling throughout the united states. Adam was offered a seat in a Spec Miata, with Team KBR based out Vancouver, Washington. in his rookie season he managed to earn a podium. The achievement is one for the history books because it is the first time in history a rookie was able to break the top five let alone achieve a step on a podium. Adam will continue to race with team KBR in a field of drivers that have raced the Spec Miata category since its conception. Adam Smalley got to where he is through hard work and dedication. When others were out and about Adam would drive to the track before work at 5am to put laps in preparation for the upcoming race. With 10 years of kart racing under his belt the decision to move to cars was an easy one.