SmaK Racing is a long-time partner of mine that has been with me since I stated karting. When I mentioned I wanted to get into cars they were more than happy to help with my transition moving forward. SmaK is a custom rotational molding company that has been open since 2007. They have a wide range of products of their own as well. They make bins for the agricultural industry and even wine tanks for the mid-level wineries. This year they recently expanded on to their building tripling in size to keep up with current demands.

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I have known Bryce Choquer the owner of choquer creative for over 5 years through karting. In 2017 I joined his family’s Karting team BBR to compete in the SKUSA Pro Tour and a handful of other events. From there our friendship grew and when I heard he opened doors for business with Choquer Creative I called him up and wanted to do business. He is the one responsible for putting together and helping me build my brand.



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John Smith